Web and FTP statistics are usually included in the standard web hosting service. They can reveal to you how your websites behave regarding popularity and visits, that will help you boost different sections or adjust a marketing campaign. There are various programs via which you can keep track of the traffic to a site and while a few of them are more detailed, there is a fundamental amount of data which they all show. This includes the day-to-day and the monthly visits, the referrer - i.e. if the visits came directly or via a third-party website, the most visited pages, and so on. Such info can offer you an idea of where most of the traffic comes from or which webpages are more popular, so you can take measures and correct the content on the other webpages or start marketing differently, to raise the number of visitors and the time they stay on the website. Subsequently, this will permit you to maximize your profits.

Web & FTP Statistics in Website Hosting

If you buy one of our Linux website hosting packages, you will be able to access 2 apps to check your Internet site traffic. They are named Webalizer and AWStats, and the information you will find in both of them will be as detailed as possible. By the hour, everyday and monthly website visitor stats will give you a solid idea of how the sites perform, but you shall additionally find much more data - the most visited landing and exit webpages, the top countries and IPs, the time period of every single visit, the user’s OS and web browser, and so forth. These details will allow you to drastically improve the Internet site and/or your advertising campaigns. The data will be available in graphs and tables, which you could copy or download if you want any data for a report, for example. In addition, the Hepsia hosting Control Panel provides a real-time stats tool that will permit you to see how many visitors are on your Internet site at any given instant and what locations they come from.

Web & FTP Statistics in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The 2 traffic-monitoring apps which come with our Linux semi-dedicated packages - AWStats and Webalizer, shall give you extremely comprehensive info concerning the behavior of your site visitors, that may in turn help you optimize the website or any advertising campaign that you're running. You'll discover considerably more info than simply the sheer number of website visitors for a given time period or the most popular webpages, because the apps will also show you the length of time the visitors spent on your website, the most popular landing and exit webpages, or even the keywords used by the visitors to get to your Internet site via search engines. All of this information shall be presented in graphs and tables and you can look over them by using a really intuitive web interface. As an additional feature, the Hepsia CP will permit you to see the number of visitors and where they come from in real time.